Take a leaf from Autumn

I love Autumn. The vibrancy of the colours of the leaves on the trees, the changing shape of the landscape as flowers lose their blooms and the first frost.

How amazing would it be to follow nature and just let go. To show the world your true self and be accepted for who you really are… no trying to fit in, no worrying about saying the wrong thing or showing up as the wrong version of yourself today.

None of us were born thinking we are too fat or too thin, Or about the colour of our skin. Or what we believe in is different and wrong in the eyes of others.

These are all things that we have absorbed either consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes comments from people can be targeted, meant to cause hurt and cause us anxiety. And we allow them too. At other times the comments can be throw away and fillers in conversations, but we take these personally as they resonate with a belief that we have developed about ourselves.

If you could be your true self for one day, would you? Would you find it easy? Could you remember who you really are or were before you started to mould and shape yourself to fit it?

I wonder what beliefs pop into your head when you consider these questions? Or what your inner voice is saying? Does someone else’s face or voice pop into your head with a knowing look or voice?

Do you feel vulnerable? Fear? Do you wonder whether you or others would accept this true, hidden version of you?

I remember when I was growing up there was a relative who always greeted me with an update or comment about my weight. I don’t know whether she was being caring or if she carried worries about her own lifetime obsession with her weight. But her words stung and they stuck with me through my life. I could quite quickly feel like my eight year self again if anyone mentioned my weight (good or bad). EFT helped me understand and break the links to this memory.

In life we have a choice to start understanding and being true to ourselves… what we like, what we don’t, who do we want to be and what makes us happy. To do this we need to be vulnerable and challenge our own beliefs. We need to have the courage to be comfortable with being ourselves. Because when we are, those comments and looks from others are purely that. Just comments and looks.

If you want to hear more about vulnerability and the impact on our lives, Brene Brown has a great TED talk, link on my homepage. It’s only 20 mins, but it is well worth a listen.

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